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Guvenkaya is a security research firm specializing in Rust security, Web3 security of Non-EVM protocols, and Web2 security. With our expertise, we provide both security auditing services and custom security solutions

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Founded in early 2024, Guvenkaya has already established itself as a trusted partner for Rust and Non-EVM chain/protocol security assessments. Our rigorous approach and deep technical expertise have earned us collaborations with a broad spectrum of clients, from emerging startups revolutionizing their industries to established enterprises seeking to fortify their security.

Our Services

Web3 services

Our team's expertise extends beyond Rust intricacies to include a deep understanding of chain/environment-specific issues, enabling us to deliver robust security for a spectrum of platforms from Substrate chains and NEAR smart contracts to specialized VMs and custom Layer 1 solutions.

  1. 01 NEAR/Sway/ink! SC Auditing
  2. 02 Substrate Chain Auditing
  3. 03 Rust-Based L1/Client/VM Auditing

Our Services

Web2 services

It is crucial not to neglect Web2 security, especially in Web3 scenarios. We provide in-depth protection strategies for services ranging from cloud to mobile, ensuring secure operations across various platforms, including web applications and wallets.

  1. 01 Web/Wallet/Cloud/Mobile Pentesting
  2. 02 DevSecOps Support
  3. 03 Phishing Engagements
Founded by

Timur Guvenkaya founded Guvenkaya with a clear purpose: to fill a critical gap in Web3 security.

Recognizing that Web3 isn't just about Ethereum and Solidity, Timur saw a significant risk in the lack of security expertise for Rust-based and other Non-EVM ecosystems.

Before starting Guvenkaya, Timur made a mark at Invicti Security, designing a JWT engine for their flagship product used by Fortune 500 companies, banks and government agencies such as Verizon, Ford, and NASA. At Halborn Security, he specialized in Web3 security and led Rust security teams, auditing significant projects like Nodle, Composable Finance,, and Octopus Network. Timur also created a NEAR Rust Smart Contract Security course and contributed to the SANS SEC-554 course by creating Rust and Substrate security sections.

Timur Guvenkaya founder of Guvenkaya

The Bedrock of Security

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